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Why You Need a Condo Expert

Condo sales are not like any other kind of real estate deal—they’re unique and complex. With HOA rules to consider, lots of documentation to gather, condo boards and multiple stakeholders to work with, it takes experience to smoothly navigate the process.

At The Condo Experts, we use proven methods to anticipate and overcome the issues specific to condo sales, leading our clients through a stress-free sales process that results in a great deal.

We use data and our years of expertise to accurately value your condo and bring in great offers. Our knowledge of local tastes and trends allows us to recommend upgrades that will appeal to the right buyers for the right price. And, we prepackage all our deals, making sure every document and step we need to close the sale is accounted for in advance.

The result? Over $1 billion in sales, all on the West Side, with our clients getting 6% more than the average agent’s sales, and just 16 days to sold on average.

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An easy video walk through will lead us to a valuation that's more accurate than what you'll get from Zillow or Redfin - so you can secure better offers.

Whether you prefer in-person or remote, we'll get together to lock in all the details and prepare to list your condo.

Our digital-first approach means we have a proven method to sell your condo without strangers and non-serious buyers coming to your condo. With that said, we love open houses and are happy to do them if preferred.

We make sure only serious, qualified buyers and agents tour your home, at a time that's convenient for you.

We gather every piece of paperwork and button up all the details in advance, so we can jump on the best offer as soon as it comes in.

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