From Brian Maser & The Condo Experts: Your Personal 2024 Real Estate Outlook

From Brian Maser & The Condo Experts: Your Personal 2024 Real Estate Outlook

A Glimpse at 2023:

The past year saw home prices soar to unprecedented heights, with mortgage rates reaching their highest levels in over two decades. A significant shortage of homes for sale further amplified these challenges, creating a tough environment for buyers.

What Lies Ahead in 2024?

There's a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Experts, including Redfin's chief economist and, predict a potential stabilization or slight decrease in home prices. While 2023's median home price peaked at $410,200, a slight dip is expected in 2024.

Mortgage Rates Outlook:

After a period of steep climbs, mortgage rates might see a downward trend. With the Federal Reserve potentially easing its rates by mid-2024, mortgage rates could follow, potentially dropping to around 6.5%. However, it's important to remember that these rates are influenced by several factors, including the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield and global economic conditions.

Home Inventory in 2024:

Unfortunately, the number of available homes is not expected to improve significantly next year. Homeowners, having benefitted from historically low mortgage rates during the pandemic, are less inclined to sell. This reluctance, coupled with a still-recovering construction sector, suggests that we might not see a substantial increase in housing inventory.

Key Takeaways for Homebuyers:

While the market remains challenging, there are opportunities. Buyers might find more favorable conditions in terms of pricing but should be prepared for continued competition due to limited inventory. It's essential to focus on markets offering the best value for money and homes that truly meet your needs.
I hope this overview provides some clarity as you navigate the real estate market in the coming year. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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